ClickBrain is a clinical decision support software that provides quantitative pediatric brain MRI measurements for radiologists and clinicians. When patients receive a brain MRI, the standard of care is the time-consuming, qualitative, visual assessment of a multitude of 2D images. Diagnosis often requires a highly specialized and experienced pediatric neuroradiologist, not available in many hospitals. There are no good clinical decision support tools to quantitatively evaluate volumetric changes in the pediatric brain to increase efficiency of interpretation, facilitate uniform interpretation regardless of radiologist experience level and enable earlier diagnosis and monitoring therapeutic interventions. While initially targeting a pediatric audience, ClickBrain analyzes MR brain images of all sizes and ages and provides reproducible quantitative assessments of each brain region compared to healthy normal subjects.

ClickBrain RT

ClickBrain RT is a clinical decision support software that uses cloud computing-based deep learning technologies to automatically delineate key structures in the brain and to train a machine learning algorithm to predict volumetric changes due to treatment-related radiation dosing to these key structures. This will enable physicians to better avoid unnecessary radiation doses that may cause long-term deficits in children with brain tumors.