Jaime Stern

Jaime Stern is CEO of Voxel Healthcare. A sales & operations manager with over 20 years’ experience, Jaime is a passionate leader who exemplifies motivation through setting the example.  He has worked and traveled to over 80 countries, where he has developed skills in financial and strategic planning, operational analysis, implementing new technology, coaching aspiring leaders, discovering new sales & marketing channels, and establishing exceptional customer service standards.  
Throughout his professional career, Jaime’s experience has ranged from small, privately owned businesses to multinational corporations, including government and NGOs.  He has been instrumental in starting up new ventures, increasing operational efficiency, developing relationships with strategic partners, and growing revenue across industries such as Healthcare, Education, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Medical Imaging, Finance, SaaS, and Mobile Technology.  
Jaime brings corporate structure and best practices into start-up environments, and innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset into mature ecosystems. He is also an avid fisherman, licensed skipper, die-hard sports fan, and continues to travel the world in his free time. Jaime and his family have happily returned to the Boston area after spending the last 7 years living at various times in Brazil, Israel, Italy, and St. Lucia.